Saturday, January 3, 2015

Devotional Reflections

I've cut back this year on my morning devotional readings in order to concentrate with more intensity on the anchoring texts that I have selected.  The challenge for me is not so much to read more and more, but to make sure that I am truly connecting to the biblical passages and accompanying texts in a manner that enhances my appreciation of and awareness of the presence of God both in the immediacy of the reading moment and in a way that connects with the course of my daily life at work, at home, at church, in my studies and in my viewing of media.  A strength in my spiritual walk with Christ is that I almost always feel connected at some level.  A weakness is that the connection does not always feel vital, as exhibited, in part, in the difficulty I have with formal prayer, whether in solitude or in a small group setting.  One challenge this year is to strengthen my prayer life in both venues--in the interior regions of my soul and spirit and in small group settings at church.  Another is that in living out my faith with more intensity and intentionality in my daily work with homeless adults in San Diego.

Lord, I know that you are real. I know what your real presence feels like.  I know that you seek to be at the center of my life and there is much within me that seeks to place and keep you there.  I  also know there are forces within me seeking yo keep you at a distance; yet I also know that I seek almost the entirety of my existence in search of your perpetual presence in which Christ being formed and reformed within me is the purpose of my existence.  Teach me to appreciate and honor your presence. Remove thoughts and feelings which lead me to take you for granted, that lead me to not being awed by your presence.  I want to be awed.  I want to be inspired by your presence.  I want to be moved by your presence; I want to be empowered in my relationship with you.

Holy God, father, Christ, Holy Spirit, make your presence more vitally known to me and through me in a way that I can meaningfully share your presence with others, both among those within your household and among those who have not yet heard your name in a sufficiently persuasive manner for them to embrace.

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